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Poulami is the founder of The Bomway, an online platform for collecting art, photos and designs. She is an alumnus of London School of Economics and Fergusson College, Pune and is currently based in Mumbai.

That’s How it Started

Poulami wasn’t a vocal rebel during her childhood but the curiosity to question the norms, she says, was in her genes. Hailing from a stereotypical “middle-class” family, no one expected her to venture onto the path of entrepreneurship and take “risks”. Yet, she happened to find courage to chart out her own path.

Poulami started out with a career in science and ended up studying policy, economics and development. She recalls the number of times she switched jobs across domains. However, wanting to do impactful work, while also indulging in her love for art and music was always a priority for her- she kept participating in painting competitions, had a folk-rock band in college and also trained in various classical dance forms.

When in London

It was at LSE, that the seeds for entrepreneurship were sown. Attending relevant events, travelling and meeting other like-minded individuals further made her explore the startup ecosystem.

Poulami says, as a start-up founder one ends up doing almost everything under the sun. “Apart from your risk appetite, it’s about your tenacity to survive which matters the most. You ought to be thick skinned while being humble at the same time. So, staying calm is the mantra which no one else can teach you. It is not possible to know everything. So, ideally picking up one or a few areas is important.”


Overcoming Obstacles

Poulami says that the struggle to get a co-founder on board was a nerve wracking experience but now things are shaping up. “So, the mantra is perhaps the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

However, the initial days were extremely rough - she had to do almost everything on her own. She recalls, researching on multiple artists online and then trying to reach out to them out of the blue, turned her into a ‘partial stalker’ which many of her friends candidly mentioned!

To add to this, there was insurmountable social pressure and financial crunch to deal with. But Poulami says that asking for help has turned out to be good for her. The Bomway has artists and customers who believe in it. Some of the young artists on this platform have had international and national gallery representations too. On a bad day, a sudden message from a customer appreciating their services is what keeps them going.

The Future

Poulami definitely wants to take this ahead and carve a niche for herself in the global affordable art market space. At the moment, The Bomway is looking to raise seed funding for strengthening their technology and to further their market penetration.

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