Shobhit Sharma - Tattoo Artist

Shobhit Sharma is a Fine-Artist, Painter and Tattoo Artist, based in NCR.

The First Stroke

Shobhit started drawing and painting at an early age. By the age of seven, he had started picking up art skills with the help of his school teachers. He remembers, “I would draw portraits of my crushes in my notebook during the classes.” After his 10th standard boards examination, he decided to opt for the science stream. But he got so overwhelmed with the vast syllabus that he eventually stopped drawing completely.

He, later, took up Engineering after school. However, within the next two months, he decided to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Applications (BCA) instead.

Throwing the Hat in the Ring

It was only after the completion of his first semester in college that he started participating in Art competitions and resumed painting. Turning to the internet, he picked up a few techniques, honing his skills further.

But as he jumped in the arena again, his grades started to dwindle. However, Shobhit had already made up his mind - this is what he really wanted to do.

​Going With The Flow

Now entirely disenchanted with his course, Shobhit ended up not getting his degree.

As I had quit one course already, I did not have the courage to tell my parents that I was planning to leave this one too.” Determined that he wanted to learn painting further and fully aware that a full-time course was not an option, he tried to enrol himself in a diploma course. But as the course was extremely expensive, when Shobhit walked up to his father, with the ‘genius’ proposition, it wasn’t a surprise that he immediately said no!

However, as Shobhit was soon to discover, life had other plans for him. He saw other doors open when he found encouragement and support in a friend. After Shobhit shared with her, a portrait he had drawn of her, she was genuinely moved by his work. She urged him to take his art more seriously and taught him to value his talent. She also provided him with the opportunity to commission a portrait. Soon enough, he started getting paid for his artwork, be it from friends, relatives, and even some restaurants, cafes and corporate offices.

Green Paper

Now, financially successful, Shobhit remembers the time when he was not making enough money to live on his own and his parents asked him to find a regular job and ‘get real’. Desperate to attain financial independence, he vigorously started looking for other avenues to earn. It was then that it dawned upon him - throughout his life, a lot of people had come up to him and asked him to design tattoos, but Shobhit had never taken them seriously.

Now an established Tattoo Artist, he is happy that he decided to venture into tattooing. He thought of pursuing a course related to it so as to familiarise himself with the technical aspects. However, once again, it was going to be a bumpy ride for Shobhit - his father refused to pay for this course as well. Disappointed but not defeated, Shobhit started looking for other ways to fund himself. Although that didn’t bear him any fruits, but seeing his passion and persistence, his father agreed to finance half of his course fees.

Now, Tattooing in itself enables him to earn a decent living. Moreover, he undertakes commissioned artwork projects at times. Thus, he says, as far as money is concerned, he has made a wise and stable career choice.

The Next Canvas

In the future, Shobhit sees himself as a renowned artist/ painter. He sums up, “Whatever it is that you want to do, do it with all your heart, and do it like it is the only thing in the world that you can do. Make it happen, there is no plan B. People will distract you, ridicule you, insult you and leave you. Understand that none of that really matters. I left my home at one point, not because my parents were not supportive, but because being at home made me laidback and lazy; because I was too comfortable. So I left just to see if I can survive on my own and I did just fine.”

Shobhit feels that if you can try to convince your parents that whatever you want to do is right for you and you can go to any extent in order to do it, they will come around. “Having your parent's support will only make you more confident and it takes a lot of burden off your shoulders, making it easier for you. And the most important thing is to have passion, patience, persistence; If you have these three, you have it all. Namaste.

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