Nikita Singh - Bestselling Author

Nikita Singh is a bestselling author of several novels, most noted for her romance and young-adult works. Her writing explores modern relationships in today’s India. She is currently pursuing Masters in Creative Writing at The New School, New York.

The Genesis

At the age of nineteen, while studying pharmacy in Indore, Nikita wrote her first book, 'Love@Facebook.' The same year, she came up with its sequel 'Accidentally in Love… With Him? Again?' However, it was in 2012 with her third book, 'If It's Not Forever… It's Not Love' that she considerably came into the spotlight.

All It Needed Was A Pen And Paper

Nikita was always a creative person. Growing up in a small town middle-class family, she recalls not having a lot of opportunities to be able to express herself. All she had was writing, which came organically to her.

Initially, she remembers worrying about not being prepared to handle the emotional intricacies that come with writing. Now, having been in this for over six years, she realizes that one can still have these doubts, as art is inherently subjective.

Taking the Leap

“Back then no one cared, no one knew. More than anything else, it was this fear. Fear of mediocrity. Even when I was younger, I wanted to be a part of something bigger.

So I realised that if I don’t do it now, it wouldn’t happen. Moreover, I had nothing to lose.”

Not only did she have nothing to lose but also through this journey she was able to gain publishers, an agent and a widespread readership, thereby creating a brand for herself. Her journey is commendable- It opens the door for a number of aspiring and talented writers who are often overwhelmed with skepticism and other reservations.

I Will Always Be A Writer

Nikita says that she will always be a writer. However, she believes that experimenting with one’s career infuses diversity and fosters creativity. She derives inspiration from the events around her life and recommends incorporating them into one’s work.

Nikita has worked for an art gallery, for magazines and also with a men’s fashion clothing chain. As of now, she is exploring a career in the Social Media-Marketing industry. This reinforces her mantra of continuing to experiment and rediscovering oneself.

But, irrespective of the work she’s occupied with, she always makes it a point to keep writing so as to not slip from her audience's mind.

Forever a Student

Nikita says that writing should be considered as a product since its success also depends on its quality. To ensure that quality is not undermined, she believes that constant learning and extensive reading is the key. She remarks, “When I was writing, I realised I needed to read more”

Nikita admits that everyone’s creative process and writing style is different, and one must strive to retain their unique voice in the due course. One must never forget that beyond the realms of self-doubt, confusion and hesitance, one thing is for certain- with perpetual optimism and

continuous learning; one can tide over the roughest seas and the darkest times.

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